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Name 站名: Euphoria
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Master 站長: Crystal
Logo 標識: LOGO (88x31) LOGO (200x40)

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Gainly* Gainly*
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舞魅娘⋆連結登錄 舞魅娘⋆連結登錄

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Egg*Station background images
RosEvisa〞馡薇 guestbook script
PROS&CONS apeskin

Baidu search engine
Google search engine

EmojiOne emoji
NOION photos
Candied icons

Marcofolio random background script
PicResize free online picture resizer

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Notepad++ a free source code editor
CuteFTP paid FTP
FileZilla free FTP

W3Schools web tutorials
Responsinator test responsive look of website
Font Awesome iconic font

FA2PNG convert iconic font to png
Cbox chat box plugin
DaFont download fonts

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