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  1. Not to post or link to any advertisements**, abusive, offensive or adult contents
  2. Keep everything legal, respect other people and their privacy
  3. Feel free to post in either Chinese or English
  4. Want to exchange links? Please leave your request on Guestbook 002.
  5. **Self-promoting is only allowed on Guestbook 002, which means you could promote your personal websites, blogs, forums or other social media, but NO COMMERCIALS 


  1. 請勿發表或者連接至任何廣告**、具侮辱性、具攻擊性或色情內容
  2. 保證所有內容的合法性、尊重他人以及其隱私
  3. 歡迎使用中文或者英文留言
  4. 如果想跟本站進行交換連接,請到備用留言版提出申請
  5. **備用留言版允許進行個人宣傳:你可以用來宣傳自己的個人網站、部落格(博客)、論壇或者其他社交媒體平台,但不可進行任何商業宣傳

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Guestbook 002 | 備用留言版 Chatting, Self-promoting & Exchange Links Request | 聊天、個人宣傳、申請交換連接 (Temporarily Closed / 關閉中)